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allbiomedical > Product News Content > ORION NanoFab from Carl Zeiss allows nanofabrication in the sub-10 nanometer range
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ORION NanoFab from Carl Zeiss allows nanofabrication in the sub-10 nanometer range

ORION NanoFab,  Carl Zeiss, sub-10 nanometer scale

Carl Zeiss Microscopy introduced ORION NanoFab at the European Microscopy Congress (EMC) in Manchester, UK. It is the first multi-ion-beam tool based on Gas Field Ion Source (GFIS) technology. As a major enhancement to the existing helium ion microscope, ORION NanoFab also utilizes neon ions. The system is therefore capable of providing a complete sub-10 nanometer nanofabrication and sub-nanometer imaging solution for industry, government, and academic research laboratories. An optional gallium focused ion beam (FIB) column can also be integrated.

"This instrument offers sub-nanometer spatial resolution coupled with an extremely high depth of field, for the study of a wide variety of materials such as carbon based materials, co-polymers, and device structures, and also offers options for a variety of advanced microanalytical techniques," says Dr. David Joy, Distinguished Scientist at the Center for Nanophase Materials Science (CNMS), Oak Ridge National Laboratory. CNMS at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is a Department of Energy / Office of Science Nanoscale Science Research Center (NSRC).

The neon ion beam offers precise machining and nanofabrication capabilities due to higher sputter yields in ion beam milling and faster resist exposure in ion beam lithography. The helium ion beam allows sub-10 nm nanofabrication as well as high resolution imaging capability in the same instrument. The optional state-of-the-art gallium FIB column allows massive material removal. This makes ORION NanoFab the most versatile nanofabrication and imaging platform available.

"I have finally found the system that I was looking for the past five years," says Dr. Qianjin Wang from the Physics Department at Nanjing University in China. "As a gallium FIB user for past ten years, I feel lucky that I will be at the forefront of revolution in the nanoworld as I focus on my research on optical properties of artificial nanoscale structures."

"We’re very excited about all aspects of ORION NanoFab." says Michael Phaneuf, President of Fibics Incorporated, a FIB/SEM applications development company established in Ottawa, Canada in 1997. "The evolution to this generation helium-neon-gallium tool is truly impressive. The possibilities for multi-scale nanofabrication combining all three beams are truly remarkable, and the applications involving high resolution imaging with helium and neon are only now beginning to be realized. We are eager to start applications development on this platform, and see where it leads." 

About this company:
The Carl Zeiss Group is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. In fiscal year 2010/11 the company's approx. 24,000 employees generated revenue of about 4.237 billion euros. In the markets for Industrial Solutions, Research Solutions, Medical Technology and Consumer Optics, Carl Zeiss has contributed to technological progress all over the world for more than 160 years. With its innovative technologies and leading-edge solutions, Carl Zeiss is successful in the fields of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Metrology, Microscopy, Medical Technology, Vision Care and Consumer Optics/Optronics. Carl Zeiss AG is fully owned by the Carl Zeiss Stiftung (Carl Zeiss Foundation).  
Company Information:
Company Name: Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Address: Königsallee 9-21.
City: Göttingen
ZIP: 37081
Country: Germany
Phone Number: +49-3641-64-3949
FAX: +49-3641-64-3144
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