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How to Design Your Part for Direct Digital Manufacturing 2012-03-28
Author: Jim Comb, Stratasys, Inc
Traditional manufacturing methods, like machining and injection molding have many rules, restrictions, and limitations. These rules don’t apply when using direct digital manufacturing. Designers are free to concentrate on the best design and not concern themselves with manufacturability.
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What Recession? How Biomedical Device Companies Thrived in a Bad Economy 2012-02-24
Author: Carol Vieira
From: WTP Advisors
The biomedical devices industry grew, invested, and prospered from 2007 to 2009, flouting an overwhelming trend that saw many of the world’s largest companies collapse during the worst economic climate since the Great Depression. How did they do it? A new analysis of this industry from WTP Advisors, the global tax and business advisory firm, reveals three key traits that helped recession-proof the top independent biomedical device makers around the world, and determines whether or not their success is sustainable over the long-term.
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Waters ACQUITY UPLC and Xevo TQ-S Capable of Rapid Fungicide Detection in Orange Juice using a Simpl 2012-02-20
Author: Brian J. Murphy
From: Waters Corporation
Waters Corporation has confirmed an analytical technique to rapidly determine residue levels of the fungicide carbendazim in orange juice, with no sample preparation, at regulated levels by taking advantage of the ultra-high sensitivity of Waters® Xevo™ TQ-S mass spectrometer and ACQUITY UPLC® I-Class system.
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Stem cell study reveals complexity of glue molecule’s role in cancer 2011-07-14
Author: University of Manchester
From: Bioscience Technology
A protein molecule that ‘glues’ cells together and so has a key role in cancer is also responsible for many other important functions of cells, a new study has found. University of Manchester scientists say their unexpected findings are important because they could lead to a better understanding of
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Enzyme Allows for Bacterial Hijacking 2011-07-13
Author: Drug Discovery & Development Staff
From: Drug Discovery & Development
Purdue University biologists identified a new way in which bacteria hijack healthy cells during infection, which could provide a target for new antibiotics. Zhao-Qing Luo, the associate professor of biological sciences who led the study, said the team discovered a new enzyme used by the bacterium Le
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Syringe labeling device improves patient safety, decreases medical errors 2011-06-23
Author: Drug Topics Staff
From: Drug Topics
A new labeling system improves the syringe preparation workflow by automatically printing full-color labels compliant with American Society of Anesthesiologists and containing all The Joint Commission required elements, announced a statement issued by the manufacturer.
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Solid Phase Extraction 2011-06-09
Author: Drug Discovery & Development Staff
From: Drug Discovery & Development
The MaxiLute solid phase extraction (SPE) system from Porvair Sciences is fully compatible with automated liquid handling and robotic devices providing considerable productivity benefits.
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German Drug Company Tracks Products With UHF Tags 2011-06-07
Author: Claire Swedberg
Wholesaler Max Pharma is utilizing an RFID system to track medicines internally, and wants to encourage more suppliers and pharmacies to take advantage of the technology as well.
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Brain Connectivity Changes During Development 2011-05-13
Author: Drug Discovery & Development Staff
From: Drug Discovery & Development
Connected highways of nerve cells carry information to and from different areas of the brain and the rest of the nervous system. Scientists are trying to draw an atlas of these connections—sometimes referred to as the “connectome”—to gain better understanding of how the brain functions in health and
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RFID Sensors Track Sleep Patterns 2011-05-09
Author: Claire Swedberg
With iMPak Health's SleepTrak system, consumers can don an RFID tag on their arm at bedtime, and built-in motion sensors will then track the quality of their sleep.
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