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Bovie Medical Corporation
5115 Ulmerton Rd.
Microsites Homepage:

Featured Products

Ophthalmic Burr Handle   0010

 Ophthalmic Burr Handle

Aaron Burr 2 includes on disposable 1 mm burr tip [0001] for corneal rust ring removal, "AA" alkaline battery and a foam-lined case, a diamond burr tip [0011] may be purchased separately for us in polishing the pterygium bed after surgical removal and for lid margin lesions - 1/box

High Frequency Desiccator  Aaron 940

 High Frequency Desiccator

The Aaron 900™ high frequency desiccator forever removes the need to go through a tedious multi-step process to change from low to high power. The 900’s digital power control system allows you to change from low to high by simply pushing the up/down buttons on the handpiece or rotating the power control knob.
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HF Electrosurgical Instruments
HF Equipment and Accessories
HF Surgical Devices (2)
Neutral Electrodes for HF-surgery
Rehabilitation Equipment Accessories
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Bovie Medical Corporation

Business Type: Distributor / Representative / Trading Company
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Product Name: Electrodes--OB/GYN Total system solution

Product Number: Aaron 1250

Brief Description:
We've combined our Aaron 1250 package with our superb smoke evacuation system and our latest mobile stand technology to produce a compact, mobile system for the office or hospital. As an added benefit, we included a loop electrode kit (5 of our most popular loops) and a smoke evacuator hose reducer fitting for attaching a vaginal speculum to create the best GYN system on the market today.

Official Site

  • Key Features:

    Standard Equipment
    A1250 electrosurgical generator
         • Three extra disposable electrodes
         • One disposable pencil
         • A1252C reusable grounding cord
         • ESRE-1 five split grounding pads
    SEGYN Smoke Shark system
         • SE01 Smoke Shark with pneumatic footswitch (FSSEP)
         • SF18 18-hour filter
         • 786T 7/8" tube 6' long
         • SERF reducer fitting (attaches to vaginal speculum)
    ESMS-C electrosurgical mobile stand
         • ESMS mobile stand, with instrument drawer
         • ESMS-B bottom tray
    ESLK electrosurgical loop kit
         • ES09 10 mm x 10 mm loop
         • ES11 15 mm x 10 mm loop
         • ES12 20 mm x 8 mm loop
         • ES13 20 mm x 15 mm loop
         • ES16 10 mm x 8 mm square

Official Site

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